What is Counselling? Psychotherapy?

​Telephone/Facetime/E-Mail Counselling​
Telephone Counsellingis a convenient way to get support without having to come into the office.  Perfect for bad weather days, for parents and those who  cannot drive.

Facetime is another easy way to get counselling with the added benefit of the visual experience.  Saves on the costs associated with travel.

E-Mail Counsellingis an interesting way to get emotional support, and provides the client plenty of time to put their thoughts on paper.  I have specialized training for this type of counselling.  You retain a copy of my responses which is an advantage over in-person counselling.

Home-basedcounselling services provided in the privacy of your home or on-site (limited) for an additional fee.  This may include Crisis Response to a Critical Incident 


FIREFLY YOGA Four week Hatha Flow Class on Tuesdays at 4:30 at Dwight Community Centre, Dwight, Ontario. (Check Dwight Library for more details)




Psychotherapy is generally a longer-term process that helps people resolve outstanding  issues that may extend back to childhood or a previous developmental stage.  Psychotherapy is often effective with more chronic emotional issues that may be experienced repeatedly throughout the life cycle.  Although elements of counselling are involved in psychotherapy, there is more emphasis on understanding the inner emotional world that can sometimes be painful but liberating at the same time.  

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Brief Counselling

Brief counselling  is generally short-term with a focus on issues that may be the result of a life transition, short-term crisis or psychological distress.    Understanding and working with your emotional triggers can help you establish some equilibrium and feel more empowered to make the changes you desire.  I work collaboratively to help  you build realistic goals  that are achievable and hopefully sustainable.  Are you open to change?