​​​​Practice Areas

​​​​​​​EMDR - Eye Movement De-Sensitization and Re-Processing​ is an evidenced-based type of counselling than can often work faster than traditional talk therapy.  I am trained in trauma specific therapy and EMDR has proven to be highly effective with people suffering with PTSD and other traumas that interfere with everyday living.


Private or Group Mindfulness and Yoga Sessions to help you strengthen your  body and calm the mind.  Learn how to do mindfulness meditation and to be more mindful in your daily life.   Participate in my small group Mindfulness Program where I integrate mindfulness with high quality yoga instruction.   Learn by doing the practice with expert guidance and resources to support you on your journey of self-discovery, awareness and inner awakening.

About Me>   I have worked in the Adult and Children's Mental Health field for over 35 years which has provided me with a wealth of insight into human behaviour and how to support emotional well-being.  My counselling experience has included work with people from diverse backgrounds, genders and sexual orientation.   I have considerable experience providing Clinical Consultation to Mental Health Professionals including psychologists, social workers, nurses, and other mental health workers.    By utilizing evidence-based  knowledge  that has been honed with many years of counselling practice, I have a well-grounded ability to help others help themselves.

Over the years I have worked with various Non-Profit Agencies as a Professional Counsellor where I had regular clinical supervision and mentoring as a Mental Health Professional.  I have worked with the following Agencies/Companies as a Professional Counsellor:  Counsellor - The Elizabeth Fry Society (with women in conflict with the law); Group Work - Breakthrough Program for Women with Trauma; YWCA; Child and Family Therapist - The Child Development Institute (formerly The Creche); Children's Mental Health; Clinical Consultant/ Counsellor-Brief Therapy Program - Yorktown Child and Family Centre; Children's Mental Health; Clinical Supervisor - MacCaulay Child Development Centre; Clinical Manager  and Counsellor - Family Service Toronto; Counsellor - Brainworks Rehab Therapy, Counsellor .  

Experienced in providing  brief therapy suitable for short-term counselling for EAP and Insurance Benefits as well as longer term counselling and psychotherapy.  I am trained specifically in trauma therapy and have undergone training in Post Traumatic Stress Responses with men and women.

It is important to have solid professional counselling experience working within an Agency or Company or with a group of qualified Clinicians prior to engaging in a Private Practise.  Counselling is both an art and a science, and it takes considerable time to develop the insight and awareness to provide high quality counselling.  My work in the not-for-profit sector has established me as a clinically competent Therapist.  

 I am especially grateful for all I have learned from the many hundreds of clients I have worked with both directly and indirectly through the years.   It is by actively listening to the lived reality of my clients where I have truly developed both as a professional and as a person. The ingenuity of people never ceases to amaze me, and I always gain satisfaction when clients find ways to release themselves from emotional suffering and move into a life of greater freedom and psychological strength.

  I am a great believer in the mind/body connection and this is why I am so involved with yoga and mindfulness.  I keep up-to-date with the latest findings in neuroscience and the evolving nature of ways of understanding human behaviour.  Every year I advance my training to ensure I can provide the best quality service to the clients I have the privilege to work with. I appreciate the healing power of nature and this is why I live and work in Muskoka!  I have been married for more than 34 years and  know how to work through the challenges that arise in intimate relationships.  With two two adult children I am familiar with the experiences of being a parent and the trials and tribulations that go with this life-long process.  I have stayed in the counselling field for so many years because I love helping people help themselves.   I am trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction I also practice Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness in my everyday life.  I am grateful to have chosen this profession where I can experience the transformational joy of change with others.

Choosing a Counsellor/Therapist:  It is important that you have a "good fit" with your Counsellor and that they truly have sufficient experience, training and supervision in order to provide you with high quality service.  I have trained many Clinicians over the years and know  that to be an excellent Therapist one needs to have  high quality clinical consultation.   Confirm that your Therapist has evidence of dedicated commitment working in  the Mental Health field as a Professional with the credentials to practise counselling and psychotherapy.    You have a right and a responsibility to ask questions  of any prospective Counsellor to find the right fit for you.    

What to Expect:

First time clients start by completing the initial paperwork which takes about 15 minutes prior to the counselling session.  Clients are informed about confidentiality and the legal limitations of confidentiality.  Counselling sessions are private and confidential and all paperwork is filed in a locked location.  

The first counselling session will focus on gaining a mutual understanding of your counselling goals so that we can develop a counselling plan that fits with your needs. Collaboratively we will work together to create a safe environment where you feel heard, understood and respected in order to effect some change in your life.  Counselling will draw upon your courage, your insight and above all else, your hopes for the future.  

You will  be encouraged to explore different ways of seeing and listening to yourself and others in order to respond more effectively to your emotional world.  Take home recommendations are provided on occasion to assist with self-reflection and self-awareness.  Using evidence-based interventions you should experience some change after 3-4 sessions and may only need 6-12 sessions to achieve your goals.  Catherine Moffat does not provide reports for the Courts.  Brief letters with client consent may be provided to third parties for a fee.

     Common issues people think about when considering counselling:

  • My partner doesn't listen to me and we always argue
  • I feel angry all the time but I don't know why
  • I am depressed and don't feel like trying anything new
  • My son never listens to me and I don't know how to talk with him
  •  I 'm so anxious about simple things; I should be better by now
  • I 'm not sure if I was traumatized because I seem to be  okay most of the time?
  • I want to do counselling but I'm afraid of change...how can you help me?
  • I don't know how to be in a committed relationship
  • I don't know if my use of pornography is normal or not?
  • We hardly ever have sex.  Could that be a problem?

Single Session Coaching  to give you the flexibility to utilize support and guidance on a periodic basis.  One session may be enough for now, and you may want to follow up with phone, on-line or e-mail counselling to avoid travelling to the Huntsville office.
Professional Memberships/Certifications/Training
-     Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers Registration  (# 814421 
-     Member of the Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers
​-     Certified Yoga Instructor (350 hours training)
-      Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Instructor  - Trained in Mindfulness Level 1 and 2
-      EMDR (Basic and Advanced Training) - Niagra Stress Clinic
Clinical Consultation for Mental Health Professionals.    Many Agencies have neither the budget nor the Clinical Expertise to provide high quality  clinical consultation, so they hire me.  I  provide  individual & small group clinical consultation and Workshops on Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Conflict De-Escalation.  I also offer workshops on  Mindfulness in the Workplace.