Catherine helps parents navigate the challenges and transitions of parenting children throughout the various developmental stages.  She is also trained in supporting parents of blended families and single parents who are separated/divorced.  Parenting requires skills and a level of awareness that can be supported and developed with the help of a trained parenting professional who is knowledgable about evidence-based parenting strategies that can work.

Catherine is trained in early childhood attachment and has facilitated numerous parenting groups for over 3 decades.  She has facilitated COPE Parenting Programs; Parenting for Children in Care; Parenting for Separated/Divorced Couples and Parenting for Newcomers to Canada.  She is trained and experienced in play therapy and incorporates innovative ways of engaging children and parents to build healthy relationships.

Catherine worked in Children's Mental Health for 10 years and provides skills training for parents whose children have been abused or neglected.  She provided clinical consultation to various Women's Shelter's in Toronto and  has been an expert witness for children who have experienced child sexual abuse.