Couple and Relationship Counselling:

I work  with couples to help them develop a healthy, fun and dynamic relationship.   Couples throughout their life cycle may encounter challenges that can benefit from the support and guidance from a skilled therapist.  During the initial stages of couple therapy I may ask to meet with each partner separately to develop a thorough understanding of personal issues that may be impacting on the relationship. Couple counselling requires a foundation of safety for both partners in order for the therapy to be effective and meaningful.  

If you engage in couple counselling it is important that you be open to reflecting on your own attachment history.  When you are in a relationship there are inter-connected issues that may be partly stemming from your own background and those of your partner.  Counselling is about change, whether it be in your personal attitudes, deeply held beliefs or unconscious coping strategies.   As a trained Couple's Therapist I can help facilitate dialogue and understanding that is often very difficult to do without the assistance of a professional.  Each couple has it's unique challenges and strengths, and I try to build respect and integrity for both partners. 

Couples who area going through separation and divorce will be required to sign a waiver that the counselling notes will not be used in legal divorce proceedings.  If the couple has children we may explore parenting concerns as they arise. I strive to  build safety and confidentiality throughout the counselling process and clients must understand that therapy should not be used as a vehicle to gain custody of their children.

Couple counsellling can be exciting, painful and frustrating at times.  It may be one of the most challenging things you have ever done, and occasionally it may lead to the break-up of the relationship or a temporary separation.   I work collaboratively with couples to help each partner develop realistic expectations of the other and to remain grounded and realistic about what can change in the future. I have experience with same sex and trans couples and am always open to learning from my client's experience.    Whatever the outcome, it can be a time for growth, personal exploration and joy. ..and perhaps one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.