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     Counselling Muskoka         Catherine Moffat, MSW, RSW


​​​Individual, Couple and Family Counselling with Adults and Youth

Catherine Moffat, MSW, RSW in Huntsville, Ontario

Over 35 years of professional counselling experience within the Adult and Children's Mental Health sector.  Catherine is committed to excellence and will collaborate with you  to achieve the changes you desire.   With decades of clinical training and experience she brings a wealth of knowledge that she adapts to the needs of  each client.  Be the change!

Catherine can help you with:
Life Transitions;  Anxiety/Depression; Trauma/PTSD; Separation/Divorce; Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse;  Couple/Relationship Issues; Grief; Anger; Self-Esteem; Mental Health; Pain Management; Losses; Parenting; Family Relationships and  Estrangement; Emotional Well-Being; Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour

Some Approaches Catherine practices:

(EMDR) Eye Movement De-Sensitization and Re-Processing
 EMDR is an evidenced-based type of counselling than can often work faster than traditional talk therapy.   Highly effective with people suffering with PTSD, attachment challenges and other traumas that interfere with everyday living.

(EFT) Emotional Focused Couple Counselling
EFT engages the client in an emotional experience during the session, that provides them with a way of knowing that works from the inside out.  Emotional knowing is encouraged.

(CBT) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
CBT is a short-term counselling approach that focuses on challenging unhelpful thinking patterns and developing more realistic thoughts to improve emotional well-being

(MBSR) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Mindfulness involves the practice of living in the present moment with an awareness of the body, thoughts and emotions using curiosity and non-judgement

​(Pranayama) Breath Work